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We at Cobble Hill are excited to be the first company to give back power to creatives. We are a different kind of distribution company offering a curated streaming global platform for professional storytellers. And our technology offers a better and more efficient way to reach a global audience. 

Streaming has forever changed the Hollywood distribution business and the traditional theatrical model is no more. Creatives have lost ownership and participation of their work.  We at Cobble Hill are changing that by being the first to offer a fair and equitable way for top-tier established professional creatives to globally distribute their undiluted and undeniable stories through transparency, innovation and participation. 

Empowering CREATIVES

The Next Evolution of Distribution 

Forged by a team of restless and entrepreneurial Hollywood showrunners, technical distribution executives, and creative producers, along with a few Silicon Valley innovators, all who understand the need for transparency at every stage of development, production and distribution. 

Launching in 2022 

Reinstate backend participation. 

Retain ownership of your work. 

Capitalize on our technical innovations. 

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